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Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Product and Give Away!!

Here are some of the new products we just got in! If you have any questions let me know. My contact info is on the side. Also, we will be doing a giveaway with Wabisabi Mama January 1st! Wabisabi Mama, is a blog written by three sisters. It is a super cute, fun blog, they write about all sorts of things on it, and feature products just for mamas! The website is www.wabisabimama.com. I will post more information about the giveaway as it gets closer!


  1. Wow... I have a feeling this little shop is going to get me into some trouble! :) I'm excited! I heard about it on the PemRock blog, but I didn't see an address anywhere and I've been so sad, but I looked for the add in Savvy Shoppers and found you! I'm so happy, now!

  2. Yay! How is your sweet baby boy? I hope he is doing better. Oh yes, we are just on Main Street in Pleasant Grove, right next to pro digital photos. By the way I found your family blog and you look great, loved your babies Halloween costume what a cutie!

  3. I found it! :) I drove past and it's so cute! :) Zeke is doing great, thanks for asking! He's now off oxygen and is still hooked up to an apnea monitor 24/7, but I think he'll get off that soon, too!

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